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  • How long does it take if I custom order?
    Currently, our lead time is approximately 2 months. This gives us enough time to make sure we have all the supplies, colors, design and creation time that will suit your specific needs. Items listed in our store are ready-to-wear and can be shipped out within 1-2 business days.
  • I like an item in your store, but I want to make some changes ..."
    Of course this is possible, we do make custom orders! Feel free to contact us anytime if you see something you like but are concerned about the fit, or you want to change the colors/design/.... Because everything is handmake, no two items can be absolutely identical, be we would be happy to create something similar that would fit both your needs and your body!
  • Where do the names of your products come from?
    All these funny names of course have a common theme, and in our case that is space! All our products have constellation names. So go and find out where your favorite product is located in space.
  • I want to invest in a piece of jewelry ...
    If you want to invest in a piece of jewelry and you don't now what color would be the best, a wonderful "ballroom neutral" is Crystal AB. The "AB" stands for Aurora Borealis, and it refers to the finish added to the outside of the crystal. AB finishes on crystal-coloured (clear) stones add a dassling array of sparkle and are appropriate with any color. Pieces that are made up primarily of Crystal AB stones will match any gown.
  • Do you make jewelry for non-dancers?
    Our jewelry can have a wide variety of applications! If you are planning to go to a party and you want to add a touch of sparkle, some of the smaller earrings can perfectly matching this. Or if you want to add some drame to any outfit you can choose something more bold. Also for performers, entertainers, singers, ... ours designs are perfet since they lok stunning under stage lighting.
  • Which way does this hair accessory go?
    There is no wrong way to place the hair accessories on your hear or in your hair! You can get surprised every time again with innovative ways to wear your acessory that look stunning! We can only advice you to let your imagination do the work and just go for it! Only advice: wear the shiny-side out :-)
  • How do you attach the hair accessories?
    The best way, according to us, to secure your hair accessories is by using u-pins and/or glue. Some pieces work well when you glue them and for this you can use eyelash glue (e.g. DUO) or some skin-glue (e.g. Kryolan - Mastix). Note that once you glue on an item to your hair, you're pretty much committed to wearing it in that placement unti you wash your hair! So if you are planning on moving or switching hair accessories between categories, it would be better to use U-pins to attach the hair accessory!
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