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  • The Pyxis Hair Ornament is a celestial-inspired beauty, designed to add a touch of magic to your every look. Its intricate details and shimmering accents make it the perfect accessory for those who dare to stand out.
    Whether you’re rocking a ballroom updo or letting your locks flow freely, Pyxis effortlessly enhances your hairstyle, ensuring you radiate glamour at every turn.
    Crafted with precision and passion, Pyxis is more than just an accessory; it ensures that you shine bright, making every moment a memorable one.
    Pyxis captures and reflects light in the most enchanting way, making you the star of the show.


    - Free international shipping for orders above 50€
    - For orders <50€ a fixed shipping amount is added
    - Pickup / delivery at a competition: is ONLY available when you CONTACT US IN ADVANCE!!
    If we have a deal about a time and place for pickup, you will get a special code which will drop the shipping costs! So get in touch with us if you would like this option. 

    Pyxis - Hairstrip

    • Our ballroom jewelry pieces are very durable, however with the extra care, they will last for an extremely long time. Please take note of a few suggestions below to ensure the jewelry’s long life.

      • Store your jewelry in it's own box for storage/traveling/... . Ideally cushioned to make sure it's not rattling aound with itself. 
        If you don't have a box, try wrapping it in paper towels or cut up t-shirt material. 
      • Spray hairspray and perfume before you put on your jewelry! The acohols can be damaging and hairspray can build up on the stones and dull the shine. 
      • Stoned jewelry pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft-bristle toothbush using a diluted mix of dish-soap and water (followed by a rinse). Take care with any pearls that may be on your piece. 
      • At the end of your competition day, simply lay out your ballroom jewelry to dry in case you got a bit sweaty 
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