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Sponsored Dancers

Of course we cannot promote our brand all by our self. That's why we have these awesome sponsored dances who can always help you out if you want to purchase something from us. They will also be wearing our products during competitions, so don't hesitate to contact them if you have some questions. 

We're proud to work with all of these stunning dancers! Here you can learn who's part of our Team, and learn a bit more about them!

Luke & Hayleigh 


Luke & Hayleigh are very talented youth pair dancing for Ireland, that soon will be wearing our jewelry at all of their competitions and shows. 

Full name: Luke Walsh & Hayleigh Miller

Dancing together since: 2016 (Luke dances since he's 10 & Hayleigh since she was 7)
Dancing for: Ireland
Dance Club / Trainer: Xquisite dance
Category: Ten Dance - Youth
Irish open Junior 2 ten dance Champions
  Irish open junior 2 Standard Champions

  Irish open junior 2 Latin vice Champions

  Participant Wdsf Ballroom World Championship

  Participant Wdsf Latin World Championship

Favorite dance: Waltz and Tango in Ballroom; Rumba & Jive in Latin
Favorite dance memory: Being invited to 2 world championships
Favorite way of relaxing after a competition: Having a warm bath and face mask (Hayleigh)
Favorite cheat meal: PIZZA!
Dance icon/inspiration: D'mitry Zharkov & Olga Kulikva // Marius Balan & Krystyna Moshenska 

Away from dancing:
  Favorite sport: GAA (Hayleigh) - Football (Luke)
  Favorite holiday destination: Spain



Keira is a very talented dancer from the UK. You can spot her wearing our jewelry!  

Full name: Keira Jane Coulthard

Dancing since: age of 4
Dancing for: UK, England
Dance Club / Trainer: Lait Dance Club / Bruce Lait
Category: Ballroom (pre-bronze) & Latin (bronze)

Favorite dance: Rumba & Viennese Waltz
Favorite dance memory: The class I went to as a kid!
Favorite way of relaxing after a competition: Watching TV and taking a nap
Favorite cheat meal: Pastabake!!
Dance icon/inspiration: My teacher - Bruce Lait

Away from dancing:
  Favorite sport: Tennis
  Favorite holiday destination: Rome
  Favorite Movie: Labyrinth
  Favorite Singer: Too many to choose :-)
  Interesting fact: I have double jointed thumbs ... 

Elien & Greet Bervoets


Elien & Greet are a very talented wheelchair dance couple that is travelling the world to participate in competitions and shows! 

Full name: Elien Bervoets - Greet Bervoets

Dancing together since: 1996
Dancing for: Belgium
Dance Club: Rolstoeldanssport toekomst

Trainers: Lucienne Swinnen - Arend vandevelde
Category: Duo Ballroom - Duo Latin - Combi Ballroom - Combi Latin - Solo
   - Multiple Belgian Champion (11x)
   - BeNeLux Champion 
   - Winners World Cup Wheelchairdancing Duo Ballroom (2016-2018)

   - Winners World Cup Wheelchairdancing Duo Latin (2016-2018)

   - World Champion WDC-Al Duo Ballroom (2016-2018)

   - World Champion WDC-Al Duo Latin (2016-2018)

Favorite dance: 
Favorite dance memory: Winning our first Belgian title after only dancing together for a few months was really awesome! And of course the first time winning the World Cup wheelchair dancing and the World Championship and that all in 1 year! 
Besides that we have made many memories with all our friends around the world that will forever be in our memory!
Favorite way of relaxing after a competition: Drinking some tequila ;-)
Favorite cheat meal: Italian food
Dance icon/inspiration: A great Belgian dancer: Joanna Leunis

Away from dancing:
  Favorite sport: Tennis
  Favorite holiday destination: Cabo Verde
  Favorite Movie: not really a movie but: how to get away with murder
  Favorite Singer: ...
  Interesting fact: We are sister :-o 

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